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WATCH: Tel Aviv for 69€/day

My trip to Tel Aviv a few weeks back got turned into a really cool YouTube video, thanks to During my weekend Tel Aviv holiday, I squeezed in A LOT of different activities, and still managed to do the entire holiday on less than 69€/day. That’s because some of Tel Aviv’s best attractions are actually free (looking at you, BEACH). And while most of my money went to some crazy nights out at Tel Aviv’s gay clubs, the cost was totally worth it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Tel Aviv is one of my favorite cities in the entire world.

The hedonistic attitude of Tel Avivians, the beaches, the gay boys, the food and the sights—it all just comes together and creates this diverse, this super-interesting, this historically fascinating place. And it’s not just the cool things to do and see, or the weather, but it’s the fact that this is a city with an attitude. Maybe some people would find the Tel Aviv attitude a bit rough around the edges, maybe too direct, maybe too apathetic, but it’s there and it keeps the city moving. It keeps the city alive with this vibrant energy that’s so hard to find in other places.

Tel Aviv is one of the world’s most special cities. And it’s not even that expensive to visit, thanks to the many budget airlines that now operate between Tel Aviv and the rest of Europe. Check out the video above on how I managed to visit Tel Aviv on just 69€/day (that includes my accommodation!) and view my complete Tel Aviv city guide for many more tips and suggestions.

Tel Aviv on a Budget

Tel Aviv guide

For more about Tel Aviv, be sure to check out the blogs by my friends Eve and Dani, who are also featured in the YouTube videos above, or my mini-guide to exploring Tel Aviv on a budget :D

  1. Debbie says:

    Tel Aviv is becoming more and more popular! And this beach!! definitely onmy bucketlist!

  2. Iain says:

    Interesting vlog/blog! I was thinking 69 euros would be easy for all major cities (and it might be)… but i didnt at first realise you included accommodation!

    • Adam says:

      haha yep – Once you add in accommodation costs it can be really tricky to have a budget trip to just about anywhere!

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