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Thailand Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see when traveling in Thailand – only from Travels of Adam

It’s the starting point to many backpackers’ Southeast Asia adventures and the mega Thai airport in Bangkok is usually the first point of entry. Start here with my basic Thailand travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Thailand travel blogs.

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Hipster Bangkok Travel Guide

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When to Visit

October to April is the tourist high-season. Over the summer months you’ll experience the rainy season and hot, hot, hot weather. But then again — you can also get bargain deals on tours and hotels.

If you plan your trip around some of the more interesting festivals and holidays (Loi Krathong, or the Lantern Festival, in October/November and Songkran in April), then you’re sure to have an amazing cultural experience. Songkran is extremely popular in Chiang Mai, though it’s also worth experiencing in Bangkok.

Thailand Tours & Trips

Thailand is a great destination because of its incredible diversity and options for every type of traveler. In the north, the jungles, forests and mountains make for great trekking and hiking adventures.

But the beaches and islands in the south offer plenty of warm-weather activities from SCUBA diving and snorkeling to beach parties and full moon festivals.

Doi Suthep Temple (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

And then in the center of the country is Bangkok—a city sometimes skipped by travelers despite the incredible shopping, food and nightlife scenes (including a hopping gay/LGBT scene in the city). Here are some favorite places in Thailand for tourism:

Bangkok — The capital, it’s an incredible city with an extensive history as well as a busy and bustling city life. Visit Bangkok for shopping; big malls like the MBK Center, Siam Paragon, Terminal 21 and EmQuartier offer countless international and regional brands at great prices (especially during the sales). Bangkok is also a hub of gay nightlife in Asia.

Ayutthaya — The UNESCO World Heritage City is just a few short hours north of Bangkok and an easy day-trip from the capital. Once the capital of Siam, the old town now includes a historical park of hundreds of temples and archaeological sites.

Phuket — This island in the south may have a reputation as a tourist hub, but it doesn’t make it any less worth visiting. It’s the largest Thai island and has something for everyone, from the absurd nightlife at Patong Beach, to the historical old town of Phuket and then an ever-growing number of luxury hotels on private beaches and coves. It’s a good place to start a Thailand island adventure as most of the other islands are accessible by ferry from Phuket.

Koh Chang — An island in the north of the Gulf of Thailand (just off the coast from Trat and near to the border with Cambodia), Koh Chang is more off the beaten path than many other Thai beach destinations.

The island is home to amazing wildlife including mangrove forests and many coral reefs. It’s also a bit more quieter and secluded than other Thai islands. Lonely Beach is a backpacker hub with a regular nightlife and party scene, but you’ll also find resorts with private beaches and more romantic hotspots across Koh Chang.

LGBTQ – Gay Thailand Guide

Bangkok regularly makes it to the top of the world’s and Asia’s best gay-friendly cities. The city is home to bars, clubs and tourist-friendly gay saunas that operate every day and night of the week.

Gay-friendly hotels and plenty of nightlife activities and regular, monthly parties make it a fun and friendly destination. Each April during the Songkran water festival, Bangkok hosts one of Asia’s largest gay circuit parties, the GCircuit.

More gay travel resources here.

Thailand Hotel Deals

Here’s the thing about Thailand: the country has an incredible reputation as one of smiles and friendliness and that kind of kindness permeates the hospitality industry—especially the Thailand hotels and resorts. You can regularly find great deals on one-of-a-kind properties and resorts, especially when booking your holidays on the shoulder seasons (just after Songkran can be especially good for cost-saving).

In Bangkok, plan to stay in a luxury hotel if you’ve got the budget for it. They’re world-class and in the skyscrapers, they offer amazing panoramic views over the Bangkok skyline. Even if you don’t stay in a luxury Bangkok hotel, make sure you visit some of the rooftop hotel bars—there’s nothing like them!

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Thailand Travel Blogs

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