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Visit Berlin in October: Photos from Early Autumn in Berlin

A lot of people claim the best time of year to visit Berlin is in the summer; and while the Berlin summer is famously fantastic, personally my favorite time of year in Germany’s capital is in early October. The temperatures might fluctuate quite a bit during the late summer/early autumn season, but that’s part of the allure.

Berlin in early October is a really special time to visit. First, there’s the holiday, Tag der Deutschen Einheit—or Germany Unity Day. It’s celebrated every year on October 3, commemorating the anniversary of Germany’s reunification in 1990—following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Since 1990, Germany has existed as a single country—having been divided for 45 years.

The shoulder season is less crowded and chaotic than the busy, overtouristed summer season, and the Berlin weather is usually comfortable enough. It might swing between cold and warm, but with a jacket and umbrella, it’s nothing unbearable.

On my most recent visit, after nearly a year since my last visit to Berlin, I took some time to just wander aimlessly through the city. I spent most of my time in Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, and Lichtenberg. See some of my Berlin impressions in my photos below from my early October visit to Berlin.

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Berlin in Autumn – Photos

  1. jcmatt says:

    Looks like a fun time. I still have to see more of Europe, but I think somewhere in South America might be on the agenda next.

    • Adam says:

      Europe is really beautiful! I’m lucky to have traveled so much of it, but yeah, I definitely want to see more of South America, too – just a little harder to get to sometimes!

  2. horain says:

    very beautiful pictures and nicely organized information in this blog. nice to read.

  3. Adam says:

    Thank you!

  4. Adam says:

    Thank you! Hope you enjoyed my autumn photos

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