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The one thing you always need when traveling is a simple, small day bag–a backpack! Something to keep your camera in, your laptop (if you’re traveling with one), your selfie stick and maybe an extra stick of deodorant and toothbrush. Don’t forget to pack a spare battery charger, too!


My preferred luggage is usually a duffel bag or weekender for a basic city trip, or a small, carry-on rolly suitcase. For longer trips and for gap years & backpacking holidays, I’d always choose a backpack. Personally, I travel with a 65L backpack which gives me enough room for all my travel essentials and comfortable changes of clothing and shoes to accommodate a range of fashion styles.


Travel guidebooks might not be the first thing we pack anymore, but a lot of times they can still be very useful — especially when backpacking to faraway foreign places. My go-to choices for guidebooks are some of the heavy hitters such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Fodor’s but increasingly, I tend to use more high-end style guides such as the Wallpaper City Guides and even independent travel magazines like Cereal. Here are a few of my favorite guidebooks (besides my own!):

Pack Like a Pro!

There’s never enough space in your suitcase or backpack, but with a few travel essentials, you can really learn how to pack like a pro! It’s just about choosing the right travel products to maximize your limited amount of space. You’ll need travel adaptors, space compressors, bags for your shoes, an insulated bag for your toiletries and a water bottle. Other useful items to pack (especially for long-haul flights) include packing cubes, travel pillows and luggage tags.

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When traveling, it’s important to have at least two pairs of shoes. Depending upon your destination, you’ll need shoes for the day and another pair for the night — please don’t be that tourist who wears their dirty hiking sneakers out to the club! A simple pair of Adidas, Nike or Converse will always do the trick for both day and night—the perfect style that can accommodate any type of activity from trekking or cycling to dining or dancing.


Sometimes the easiest way to make a fashion statement when traveling is with your socks. Go for something bright and colorful so that the pairs are easy to match up when packing up early in the morning at your hotel. They’re harder to lose and easier to sort.


For men, packing sexy and simple underwear is going to go a long way. First of all, briefs and jocks are easier to pack and take up less space in your luggage, but also: a sexy pair of underwear makes you feel really strong, confident and prepared for anything. For basic briefs, choose a brand like Calvin Klein, Armani or Diesel. Personally, I really enjoy a variety of gay underwear brands such as Andrew Christian, 2(x)ist, AussieBum, Pump, ES Collection and many others.


When traveling, always make sure you have a pair of jeans! I like to travel with a pair of black jeans for a simple and stylish way of looking good in case you find yourself out at a fancy restaurant or a big night out on the town, but a pair of blue jean Levi’s is a solid choice for both day and night. Also: make sure you pack a pair of sweatpants or jogging shorts—it’s the most comfortable way to travel on the long-haul and an essential for any leisure trip.


It’s a good idea to travel with your favorite t-shirts—those ones that always draw attention and comments from strangers. It’s an easy conversation starter when on a group tour, plus it’s just nice to wear what you’re most comfortable in. Also: always make sure to pack extra shirts in case you’re visiting a gym or planning on any morning runs (honestly: it’s a relaxing thing to do on a holiday!). And always bring one more basic white t-shirt and basic black t-shirt because you’ll never have enough!

Jackets & Hoodies

No matter where you travel, bring a lightweight jacket! Even if you’re going on a beach holiday, you’ll need something for when it cools down each night. I always make sure to pack at least one lightweight jacket (something black, of course) with a bit of style to really up my fashion game when you might not be the most prepared. Also bring a hoodie or sweatshirt for cold planes, trains or buses—you’ll be much more comfortable if you do.

Winter Coats

Whether you’re just on a winter city break or on a ski trip in the mountains, sometimes you just need to travel with a winter coat. It can be burdensome to travel with something so heavy and bulky, but if you pack right, you can still travel in style and with minimal space. The key is to pack layers—thermals, sweaters, hoodies, scarves and gloves all under an adequate winter coat. Here’s what you need for winter travel:


I find traveling with hats to be a necessity. Wearing a baseball cap or a beanie is a quick and easy way to avoid having to worry about your hair—and if you’re traveling on a budget and not in a hotel with a hair dryer, it’s basically the only easy solution.


There are many packing hacks that are useful for saving space and still traveling in style. My favorite hacks include packing a stylish hat or cap, a skinny tie, trendy wristbands, lightweight summer-style scarves, watches or jewelry. Pack these basic travel accessories to change a simple outfit to a more stylish one—and with plenty of space to spare!


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