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Canadian Travel Loses Icon With Passing Of Angus J. Kinnear


Twenty years after the untimely demise of Canada 3000, the company he co-founded, Angus J. Kinnear has passed away.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I have to advise that Angus J. Kinnear passed away yesterday in the D.R. due to COVID complications,” wrote Sue Webb, owner of travel and tourism marketing company VoX International and former Canada 3000 employee.


Sue Webb
Sue Webb

“He was an amazing man and a dynamic leader. Canada 3000 was a wonderful company to work for. He will be missed but not forgotten.”

Kinnear had lived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for many years. Perla Guerrero, a close friend who provided accounting services for Kinnear, told TravelPulse Canada that he spent two weeks in hospital with COVID-19 prior to succumbing to “sudden respiratory arrest.” She said he had chosen not to be vaccinated as he was concerned about the effects of the vaccine as a cancer survivor.

Angus Kinnear, Canada 3000 co-founder.
Angus Kinnear in Santo Domingo, September 2021.

Canada 3000 Inc. was a Canadian discount charter airline offering domestic and international flights. It was the largest charter airline in the world at the time of its operation, with over 90 destinations worldwide.

In November 2001, the airline went out of business after a sharp decline in revenues following the September 11, 2000 terrorist attacks in the United States. At the time C3 had more than 4,500 employees and carried more than 2.5 million passengers annually.

Sue Urie, TLNetwork
Sue Urie worked closely with Angus Kinnear for many years.

“He had a heart of gold and as big as the world,” said Sue Urie, Business Solutions Manager, Western Canada for TLNetwork. Urie first met Kinnear around the time Canada 3000 launched in 1988 and worked closely with him through the 1990s.

“He had a delightfully twisted British sense of humour,” said Urie. He used to read the obituaries every day, saying ‘I want to see if anybody has passed away that’s younger than me.”

Urie says the airline Kinnear co-founded “was his world, his passion and those who worked with him were his family.”

Urie added: “He was a great man, driven on growing the business and always looking at ways to do things better. I loved that about him.”

In 2018, Kinnear was inaugurated as a charter member of the Canadian Travel Hall of Fame, created by TravelPulse Canada. The Hall of Fame honours individuals who have left a lasting legacy in the world of travel.

John Kirk, TravelPulse Canada Founder & EIC worked closely with Kinnear in the development of Empire Holidays with AirlineTicketsDirect.com in the late 90’s through to 2001.

“I have incredible memories of my time with Angus. I used to love hearing the tales from his youth. Many are likely unaware that his family owned a tea plantation in India, and he would love talking about his pet elephant which he would ride back and forth form the train station,” said Kirk.

“The one story which amazed me was on his time spent in Africa in the cargo space, specifically in Uganda. He told the harrowing tale of taking delivery of millions of dollars in cash, inbound, and having to get sign off directly from Idi Amin.”

Kirk says Canada 3000 staff played as hard as they worked.

“I will never forget the legedary C3 staff holiday party which I crashed annually. The last one I attended, upon greeting my wife and I, he grabbed Denise by the arm said ‘It wont be a party unless I get a dance with you,’ and off they went. He was a gentleman. His legacy will not be forgotten,” said Kirk.

There are planned get-togethers for the 20th anniversary of the demise of C3 in YVR November 6 and YYZ November 9, which will now focus on honouring and remembering AJK.

Kinnear is fondly remembered by many in the travel industry both in Canada and around the world. He’s also remembered by many as a great boss.

In an interview with publication HRProfessional in 2014, Louise Taylor Green, who is now CEO of the Human Resources Professionals Association, identified Kinnear as the best boss she has ever had.

“He really pushed you to achieve things you didn’t know you were capable of, and he was an exceptional talent spotter,” Green said. “He gave people opportunities to excel.”

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