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Fruity Holiday Braai Pie – The dessert you can make on the braai


Have you been looking for a brand new dessert to prepare for the Christmas celebrations later this year? In South Africa, we often braai on that day and make as many things as we can on there. This Fruity Holiday Braai Pie is no exception to that rule and ticks all of your baking and holiday flavour boxes. It’s an applie pie on the braai with some delicious stewed fruit and custard with some ice cream. Surprise your guests with something incredible this summer.

You will be making two different fillings with this recipe. The usual apple and cinnamon filling for the pie goes first. The stewed fruit and custard is a creamy, sweet topping/filling that adds to the Christmas flavours. The puff pastry adds some flaky, buttery goodness and you can easily use store-bought pastry. The puff pastry is usually the aright amount already for this pie. Top your Fruity Holiday Braai Pie with some ice cream and enjoy the sound of stunned silence as your guests fill themselves with this dessert.

There’s nothing we can’t put on the fire in South Africa. Our Fruity Holiday Braai Pie is the holiday dessert you can cook on the open fire.

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