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South Tulsa boy scout troop seeks answers after their trailer full of camping gear was stolen – FOX23 News


TULSA, Okla. — A south Tulsa boy scout troop needs your help after someone stole their trailer containing thousands of dollars of camping gear and other troop equipment.

Surveillance video from Fellowship Lutheran Church shows a white pickup truck pulling in the parking lot, backing up, and pulling away with the troop’s trailer in a matter of minutes around 5:30 Thursday morning.

“I got a text message asking me whether or not we’d taken the trailer anywhere,” Boy Scout Troop 945 Scoutmaster Phillip Maud said. “At that point we realized the trailer had been stolen.”

The stolen trailer housed essential gear the troop needs to function.

“It’s housing tents, it’s housing stoves, it’s housing patrol boxes—the stuff that we use to cook and prepare meals—tables, firepits, pop-up tents,” Maud said.

The trailer was well-secured too.

“We’ve got a wire cable that is securing the area,” he said.

In addition, the trailer had a metal parking boot fixed to one of its tires, as well as a lock on the hitch. The thieves cut through the cable and dismantled the boot in a matter of minutes. It makes Maud think this had to be pre-planned.

“There’s quite a bit that goes in to keeping that thing secure,” he said.

Now the troop has a dilemma.

“It’s kind of a punch to the gut,” Maud said. “We’ve got a campout planned in couple weeks that now we’ve gotta try to figure out how to make that happen.”

If the trailer doesn’t get returned, it could cost over $10000 to replace it and everything inside.

“It absolutely makes you a little bit angry,” he said.

It’s why everyone needs to keep an eye out.

“It’s a trailer that says ‘Troop 945, Tulsa, Oklahoma’ on it,” he said. “If you see one of those parked in a lot or rolling around town, it’s not supposed to be there and we’d love to hear about it.”

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