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Although the tourism industry has been among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis, its hallmark resilience is expected to foster its recovery. However, the tourism boom of prior decades led the industry to volumes and practices that challenge its sustainability, with overcrowded hotspots and its contribution to global carbon emissions among the top public criticisms.

The Global Future Council on Sustainable Tourism will focus on three topics: sustainable destinations, the blue/green economy and the net-zero transition. The council will produce a number of key deliverables related to these areas, developing a set of Principles for Sustainable Destinations, demonstrating the business case for putting nature at the centre of tourism, and an evaluation of carbon emissions and pathways towards net zero across the travel value chain. It will also focus on the communication of these deliverables for industry adoption and sharing a vision for the sustainable future of tourism with thought leadership.

Forum Council Manager:

– Isobel Fenton, Platform Curator, Aviation & Aerospace – Shaping the Future of Mobility, World Economic Forum

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