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7 of the Best Safaris in Africa, According to a Travel Expert

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After traveling to Africa dozens of times on safari, I have been asked, as founder of luxury travel group Indagare, to pick a favorite lodge more times than I can count. It is truly impossible for me to choose just one, which is why in Safari Style: Exceptional African Camps and Lodges, I cover many lodges in many regions, from the desert in Namibia, the Serengeti in Tanzania, the mountains in Rwanda, to the great concessions and parks in Botswana and South Africa. 

Every property in the book—there are 21 of them, across 7 countries—can be guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable safari and aesthetic experience. I have included the continent’s most luxurious lodges as well as incredible tented camps that showcase cutting-edge sustainable infrastructure, but these are illustrative, not definitive, because there are many amazing properties that didn’t make it in the book. Safari Style is meant to inspire discovery and broaden—not limit—one’s view of Africa and its safari lodges.

Here are seven properties that showcase some of the most impressive locations and innovations of Africa’s next generation of safari camps, and highlight the diversity of experiences that you can have in the bush.

A beautiful view from Singita Mara River Camp.

Photo: Singita Mara River Camp

Singita Mara River Camp, Tanzania

For the Great Migration and epic wildlife viewing
Its prime location in northern Tanzania, on the banks of the Mara River, means that each morning at Singita’s Mara River Camp you’ll wake under canvas in the middle of the Serengeti to the sound of bird calls and be perfectly positioned to observe the Great Migration (should you visit during the right time of year). Though watching a river crossing is a high-drama event that can typically attract dozens of vehicles, staying at Mara River Camp gives you the absolute privacy of the Singita Lamai concession and, rather than spending hours waiting for a crossing, you can leisurely watch the fabled river from the comfort of the lodge. From the game viewing to the location of the lodge along the iconic Mara River, it is hard to beat this under-canvas experience.

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