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Pernod Ricard on 2021 holiday trends and opportunities for US spirits

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While the holidays are an important part of the year for spirits, the pandemic changed 2020’s celebrations and 2021 will see consumers continue to embrace some of new trends. Barrett tells us how Pernod Ricard USA is preparing for festivities this year.  

BD: What are the top holiday trends for 2021?

JB: At-home entertaining will continue, with consumers focused on premiumizing their experiences. During the pandemic, consumers found ways to recreate the bar experience at home and became skilled cocktail makers themselves. They gravitated toward more premium options, appreciating the value of that choice when they could experience that spirit over many at-home cocktail hours.  We expect to see premiumization continue, as consumers reach for higher quality liquors for their at-home mixology.

Making cocktails more convenient isn’t going away either.  Consumers are stepping up their cocktail game, consistent with DIY and wellness trends. This points to more celebrating, more gifting and more cocktail exploring, which we expect to increase as the weather cools in various markets in the winter months. We know many of our brands will make popular gift options this season, such as Jameson Black Barrel.

While consumers discovered the pleasure of at-home and virtual cocktail nights during the height of quarantine, there is no replacement for the on-premise experience. The transition is slowly starting to shift with restaurants and bars focused on ensuring their spaces are safe for consumers.  We believe it is the responsibility of Pernod Ricard and other industry leaders – a responsibility we do not take lightly – to help our brands and our business partners usher in the shift and succeed in this new world.

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